Inclusion at Smale Riverfront Park


Design Concept for the Park's Labyrinth

The Cincinnati Park Board is charting new territory for inclusiveness in public spaces—like Smale Riverfront Park. Together with Sasaki Associates, the park’s designers, Cincinnati Parks is dedicated to providing universal access and technical assistance to help one and all enjoy their visits to Smale Riverfront Park. The planning team has assessed all aspects of Smale Riverfront Park’s design to ensure that universal access is achieved. Design features include paved stair landings with a special texture between the end of each railing and the start of the next so that visually impaired visitors can more easily find the railings; an extra large elevator to accommodate a variety of needs, and water features such as cascades and fountains which have distinctive sounds to help orient people within the park. Additionally, the labyrinth has an extra wide pathway to allow for universal access, and the park’s playgrounds and pathways are being built as accessible features.

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