Planning for Smale Riverfront Park


The Smale Riverfront Park Plan


Smale Riverfront Park Plan Superimposed on Existing Site

Planning Process

  • Series of public meetings
  • Focus groups & stakeholders meetings
  • Citizen advisory committee
  • Design & engineering consultant team
  • Corps of Engineers involvement
  • Review with City, County, 3CDC, Stakeholders

Plan Approvals

  • 1999 Master Plan approved
  • 2000-2002 Incorporated into Banks/Riverfront Plan
  • Approved/supported by City, County, Park Board, CRC, Planning Commission,Urban Design Review Board, Chamber of Commerce
  • 2004 Congress authorizes U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with design of the park.


Regional Context of Smale Riverfront Park


Smale Riverfront Park Phasing Diagram